Allendale is a quiet, upscale residential community centered around Allendale Park to the northwest of downtown St. Pete, the area was mostly developed during or soon after World War II, with the high construction standards you’d expect. The history behind Allendale is remarkable. In the 1920s, when developers were working hard on waterfront communities like Snell Isle and Old Northeast, a major hurricane hit St. Petersburg. The St. Pete Yacht Club, then still relatively new, was flooded, and a picture of the flooding made it into the St. Petersburg Times. This triggered a new demand for property on high ground, and a developer named Cade B. Allen snapped up 160 inland acres with aims of satisfying it.

Allendale 2That’s why to this day Allendale is known as one of the nicest inland communities in St. Pete, with larger estate properties scattered among its postwar bungalows and ranch homes: it began life as a destination for elite homeowners averse to the risks of the waterfront.

There are plenty of amenities in or near Allendale. There’s Allendale Park, a 3.1 acre sliver of green space in the heart of the neighborhood. The 4th Street North corridor is just off Allendale’s eastern edge, and features everything from coffee shops to excellent grocery stores to, a little further south, the century-old Sunken Gardens botanical park.

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