Historic Neighborhoods

St. Petersburg has the vibrant energy of a young, growing town. But there’s also more than a century of rich history here – history that you can see in the brick roads, unique architecture, and towering trees of its many Historic Neighborhoods. These neighborhoods offer unique charm in a variety of entry points – everything from Kenwood’s bungalows to luxury homes in Old Northeast.

Best of all, development in St. Pete has been generally centralized, meaning that many of these historic neighborhoods including Crescent Lake, Crescent Heights, and Euclid / St. Paul offer a variety of options and amenities including great neighborhood parks and conveniently located shopping and quaint neighborhood restaurants, but they’re also just a short drive from downtown St. Petersburg’s nightlife and restaurants.

Kenwood is an officially designated Neighborhood of the Arts, which gives special privileges to artists who live there. The stretch of Central that runs through Kenwood has been booming in recent years and is now home to craft beer pubs, coffee shops, art galleries and locally owned casual restaurants, in addition to the famed Haslam’s Bookstore, making it an embodiment of the vibrant mix of old and new in St. Pete’s historic neighborhoods.

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